View all necessary ESG data in one centralised platform.


Improve and optimize asset performance, fulfil environmental plans and meet voluntary and mandatory targets.


Reduce the time and effort of data acquisition by automatically acquiring, manipulating and transforming data.


Meet the demands of internal reporting and external disclosure, such as GRESB and tracking against net zero targets, with customised ESG reports to support stakeholder conversations.

Key benefits

Your central platform for ESG data

Make informed investment decisions

Identify where to focus your ESG efforts to comply with increasing regulations, report more accurately and make informed investment decisions.

Enhance return and reduce risk

Highlight ESG initiatives to investors, creating asset value and increasing investor loyalty. Ease regulatory pressure and reduce reputational risk, thereby adding external value.

Future-proof your assets

Explore possible future scenarios, helping to identify opportunities and prepare for risks, enabling users to be proactive, rather than reactive.

Share data with ease

The only ESG platform with an open API, SIERA can push or pull data from multiple sources making data flow work with a wider tech stack.

Key features

Accelerating the sustainability of buildings through investment grade data


An overview of assets

The Portfolio function enables users to see the overall performance of each asset.

SIERA arranges buildings as a prioritised list, perfect for comparing assets.


Everything in one place

The Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of an asset. It’s designed to be a summary of everything about the asset in one place, from performance, data quality and recommendations, to actions and notifications. Users can also check the landlord and tenant data quality, ESG performance metrics and even look at actions recommended for each asset.

Fund View

Manage reputational risk and engage with stakeholders

Fund View allows you to track and compare sustainability data for all your funds against set targets, helps you assess the sustainability ranking of each fund, identifies potential issues and opportunities for improvement, and recommends actions to optimise the operational performance of each fund.

Manage the performance of assets


A clear picture of asset performance

The Performance page shows a picture of an asset’s energy and water usage, waste, and carbon emissions over time. Clearly see how the asset is doing against its targets, and where there is a variance.

Data quality

Improve ESG data

SIERA aims to improve the quality of ESG data. It is constantly checking the data to look for gaps and performance variances to make reporting more accurate. The Data Quality page gives a clear view of where there is incomplete data coverage and data gaps, or where estimated data should be replaced with actual data.

Action plans

Keep track of costs and deadlines

Action plans are an essential part of tracking and implementing an ESG strategy at asset level. SIERA supports this by relating actions back to performance improvement and to keep track of costs and deadlines. The Action Plan page shows a consolidated list of who’s doing what, what the status is of actions currently underway and those under review.

ESG Passport

A snapshot of a performance

The ESG Passport is a snapshot of a building’s recent past performance and any improvements made. It gives a summary of the important ESG details relevant when buying or selling an asset. The ESG Passport can be exported as a PDF and can also serve as a summary report to share with a range of stakeholders.

ESG Passport

A simple view of the important things

SIERA offers a simple view of all the important things going on within a portfolio, in terms of events, actions, performance and data quality. It emails a summary of notifications each month to let users know when there’s something that needs attention, and these can also be picked up in SIERA upon login.

SIERA ESG software powered by EVORA Global
Powered by EVORA Global

ESG experts leading the way

SIERA is used and trusted by over 100 of EVORA’s expert ESG consultants. We support investors by managing their portfolio through a unique combination of expertise and the use of the SIERA platform. We do this by developing and implementing strategies that make buildings more sustainable, resilient and environmentally responsible.

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Bespoke dashboards tailored to different roles

Property Managers

Property & Building Managers

SIERA engages onsite teams and captures the full ESG picture.

Asset Managers

Asset Managers

SIERA simplifies data collection and provides the intelligence to make informed investment decisions.

Fund & Portfolio Managers

Fund & Portfolio Managers

SIERA offers a portfolio summary of ESG performance & risks.

Sustainability Managers

Sustainability Managers

SIERA data intelligence is key to engaging stakeholders to deliver ESG strategies.

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