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SIERA+ New Release

by Matt Matthias 29-03-2022

Hot on the heels of last year’s release of SIERA+ we’ve got a new version with loads of improvements based on user feedback.

We’ve listened and made SIERA+ even better for managing the ESG data of your assets.

We’ve made it easier to see targets, conversations around performance variance and loads more, and we’ve put together these notes to help show it all off.

So, if you’re like us, you’re no doubt super excited – let’s jump right in!

Asset targets are now easier to see

On the Portfolio page, to make it easier to see assets which have targets, we added a Show Targets view, and a tooltip to each utility to better explain the percentage on screen.

You can now click the Show Targets toggle and assets without targets fade a slight grey, whilst those with targets stand out with their target.

The target view shows clearly which assets have a target and if an asset has met or failed to meet the target.

You can now choose your own date period

If you receive consumption data every quarter, we’ve got the just feature to help you.

The powerful custom date picker lets choose the date period you want to see. This allows you to ignore blank months in a quarter until the data arrives.

You can choose to see 1, 3, 6 or 12 months ending on any month of the year.

Missing data is now much more visible

You could previously see missing data as a bar chart. This showed the total missing data of an asset split by who purchased the consumption: landlord or tenant.

You can now see a more fine-grained version to know exactly which utility and which month had data quality issues.

We added a brand-new data quality indicator to more places of SIERA+ to give more context to where it was missing from.

Performance view highlights variance comments

In Performance, we removed the bar actions and events below the Performance graph to make it easier for you to see what was going on each month. We replaced the bar with simple bubbles to show which variances had comments on them, to help explain what was happening.

Where explanations haven’t been provided for variances, the same bubble appears but is red with a question mark on it. This makes it really easy to see where you can explain

Data quality now also shows consumption data

Data quality got an upgrade to now also include consumption data alongside data gaps.

This means that when data is missing, it’s much easier to see what other data is recorded.

You can still use the Data Quality page to enter data or request it from a colleague, but it’s much easier to understand what data SIERA+ actually has.

You can add more details about actions

We added more information to actions so you can store more data about what’s going on.

You can now choose a matching GRESB efficiency measure for alignment and save the current and target saving amount for the action.

Quickly zoom into the details

Lastly, you can easily get more detailed information about the performance of a utility on an asset.

The Performance page and Data Quality pages gained a new dialog box which lists the meters, consumption and gaps for a given utility, and allowing you to add notes to explain variances or missing data – so powerful!

That’s the lot. The new version is now live so you can jump right in and start trying out the new features yourself.

And if you don’t yet have access to SIERA+, there’s no better time to jump on board and try the best platform for managing your ESG data.

See you there!

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